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CBU nurses last day at St Vincents

As I was ready to walk to get the bus the bottom of sandal just fell off my. Literally, I took a step and the bottom part of the sandal stayed on the floor. It should have been an omen! 
The team was promptly at the end of the long drive at 8:27; August and our bus were not. We waited!!!During the wait Stephanie, who was already dealing with a jumping stomach started to feel really sick and went back to the guest house. At 9:05 the bus was still not here so Noel took us to St. V. It seems the bus would not start.
Once we get to school we find Diane, in what were are referring to as “the box” and our clinic just crying hysterically. She was guarding and really seemed to be in pain; no temp, no + signs for an appy but still seemed in pain; we did get her calmed down and checked on her later and she was sleeping. Of course we did not have any children’s tylenol or ibuprofen.
Since we needed some children’s tylenol on Tuesday, I wanted to check out the pharmacy at the brace shop area. First, Brittany PharmD. thank you so very much for the label guide it was a priceless treasure. Second, you do not have a pharmacy!! The suitcase and cardboard box system I set up looks like CVS compared to what is left of the pharmacy at St. V. There is a closet at the brace shop building with various bags, and a big box of all kinds of dusty medications. It looks as if the shelves of the old pharmacy was cleaned off in a hurry and loaded into what ever could be found. UGH! It was an arduous process to get to these prescription meds and I did not see any vitamins. If the children have been receiving vitamins, they must be stored somewhere else. I did try to speak with Ms. Elizabeth about the children getting vitamins while Mdme Noelle is on maternity leave and she said they are thinking of something. ????

So the day continues, off course because Dr. Bredy is not feeling well at all. I moved her into Pere’s office which helped cool her down but it was pretty busy in there. It was great to have her there as a reference for any medications I was prescribing for a couple of the children and adults. 
John – Bergen’s has grown and looks great. I have been bringing a snack for him during recess and he will come and find you. 
We secured the former library area again for the exam area. Thanks to the young lady from team Canada otology. Despite being short 2 team members at best guess, we saw 9 adults from Tuesday, about 10 more adults, rechecked several children from Monday and Tuesday and saw 65 children. Not to worry Susan you have several classrooms to complete. Overall the children look wonderful, the students we have had in the past and all of the new ones. We did not see August Vincent, he was in school but did not come to us. 
Dr Bredy’s reintroduction to Haiti continued in the evening. We went to a lovely place with a view “the View” of the painted houses and overlooking Port au Prince and the ocean. It was rather cloudy and smoggy and there was a mountain in the way to see a full sunset!!! Dr. Bredy insisted on going and came back to life with the cooler temperatures. We enjoyed delicious food and great company. Thanks to Gail Buck 
Stephanie did not go. We left her with Mary a long-term resident at Helping Hands. Steph was in recovery when we got home. 
So this our last full day in Haiti and we are off to the beach for another adventure. Thank you friends and family for your support, both financially and emotionally for this journey to Haiti. The END

                                                                                                          Evelyn Sue Trzynka
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