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CBU Nurses in Haiti – Day 5

What a beautiful morning!! Except that darn crow that was making so much noise one was tempted to look for a good ol’ gun! Boom! right out of that tree, which ever tree it was sitting in.

After an extra cup of coffee, off to St. Vincent. Jean Robert had to leave for an hour so clinic started late. We saw all of the children by 11:30. Sadly, there are less children, surely not 250. A few people that came through the gate having heard we were here and were also seen. There continues to be a great deal of fungus between toes and some scabies. I ran an afternoon clinic for tylenol, motrin, vitamins and tums. Little complaints from the cooks and laundry staff, just needing to feel important too. 

Kathy and I met with Pere Sadoni and discussed plans for tomorrow. 1) We do not need to be there early for a clinic since we have seen the kids. Thus, we are going to the art market for a couple hours and from there to the grocery to get ice cream and cookies for our Sundaes. 2) Distribution of the toys and gifts to the children. Pere was very specific how items that are to be given. The stuffed toys will be given to the kindergarten children, prizes will be given to a child and if they do not like it and give it back, we keep it, do not throw the toys or candy to the children – it is rude and causes problems. 3) There was a bus schedule that had us leaving for the airport on Saturday at 0730… waiting in the airport for 6 hours did not seem too smart. We are now planning to leave at 1100. 

Of course, the most important thing Pere asked was “how are the children”? I assured him they are great. They look great and healthy. 

I had my hour with my special little boy, Barganis (Clark is calling him Bennie). This precious baby about 6 has skin folds for arms. I feed him lunch – he does not like rice too much but did like the fish. I carried him to the clinic and showed him the pictures Laura took and pictures of my family. He liked the pictures of my husband, Mike and I said it was Papa, my oldest grandson Michael (Michel), Emilia (Emily) and the baby. Every picture he saw with one of them, he immediately called out their names, Papa, Michel, Emilia, baby and of course every picture with a car was machine!! He wanted to look at them over and over. And of course, I gave him another pi wi li. His smile just about melts my heart.

JoJo finished his special picture for me. It cost me 40 bucks but worth it. It is nice, a little different for him but the fact that he made it for me – priceless. I know just where it will go in my office. He then recruited the rest of the team to buy pictures; Laura, Patti, Marcia, and Verlee. He is still in negotiations with Lee Ann and Stephanie. 

No swimming today. The pump bit the dust and the pool has a lovely green hue! 

We have sorted and bagged and organized all the goodies. Kathy has all the games assigned to each of us. We are starting with the ice cream, face painting (one little thing), and bubbles. Pere said he would try to find music for us. This promises to be a great success or a mad failure – pray for success.

Dr. Sue Trzynka teaches nursing at CBU in Memphis and lives in Jackson, TN
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