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CBU Nurses in Hait–Day 3, Nov. 5

Alta dia, alta adventura…

Ramelle, a senior leadership student had a wonderful vision in her head for running clinic today. She shared it last night. When we got to St. Vincent’s the vision became a distant memory.  Having anticipated the unknown – I was prepared to write an alternative plan; after working out a few kinks – success. 
The issue, a physical therapy clinic in the large room. [Normally the nurses would have their wellness assessments in the large room.  Apparently there were other activities going on, so they had to relocate to the smaller exam rooms in the clinic building.]

Problem 2:  A bag full of supplies was left behind, leaving us with one otoscope to evaluate the children’s ears… we did this during the assessment with height, weight and arm circumference. Solved.
Problem 3: A student observed water placed into the cold container was not sealed and we received misinformation that it was not clean… Oh no, this would require each of us to have a “cipro shot” after dinner.  Not true, Pere Sadoni confirmed about 3 hours later the water was indeed clean and good to drink. 

Okay all the little stuff out of the way… we saw 60 children, distributed 60 hygiene kits.  [Other] children not seen [in clinic were] walking around motioning brushing their teeth and wanting kits. The first child to complete his assessment was very proud and went around the yard waving his new kit tormenting this peers with the biggest smile!!!  As always – the [pi wi lis] (dum dum lollipops to us) were a welcome treat. 

We took a little walking tour to the bookstore and a side trip to the nun’s retirement home in terrible disrepair. These frail little ladies were so happy to see people – young people in particular, they were eager to give everyone of us a kiss. 

The trip home (to the guest house) required a short side trip to the market. Now that Summer [nursing student who fainted at church yesterday due to the heat] has regained her appetite, there is little if any candy, chips and soda left!! We have discovered these little cookies – kind of a vanilla wafer with coconut and they will be a great addition to the Sundays for the carnival.

After a very long trip home…. terrible traffic, numerous accidents and road rage we made it home. The team was meeting around the pool and all went well, until Summer accidentally helped Jennifer into the pool and Clark assisted with a gentle pull of the ankles. Jennifer was a good sport and promised not to hurt anyone tonight but they are on notice……

We had goat for dinner. I had peanut butter. 

Supplies are all together for tomorrow, otoscopes checked with new batteries, students are working on log sheets, Ramelle, Laura (picture lady) and Christen are working on posters with the pictures of last spring for the children to see. 

Another successful and blessed day. 

P.S. we heard that Shermedia, a [nursing] student who was going to join us had successful surgery and the preliminary report was negative for cancer. Truly a blessing!! 

Dr. Sue Trzynka teaches nursing students at CBU in Memphis and lives in Jackson, TN.
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