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CBU nurses Day 4

Tuesday,Nov 4th

Again a wonderful day, very busy but very good. We rearranged the intake area and clinic. I was able to get the team Canada group to let us have the old library for the morning. Actually, it was until school was out.

Stephanie’s BP teaching was extremely well attended, almost 30 adult staff were there. In fact, we were not able to see all of the adults and will see the remaining on Thursday. 
As best we can figure, because we rechecked kids was 48 students and 27 adults today;75 people.

As you might guess we were pretty beat and more than ready for Taco Tuesday at the guest house. 

We are excited and eager to see Dr. Farmer’s hospital tomorrow. Gail Buck from HHH is coming with us. We also had a lovely tour of the HHH clinic today – stellar operation.

I carried Margaret downstairs today to visit with all of us and for her hemoglobin. I cannot tell you how this warmed my heart and from Margaret’s reaction her’s too. Jojo talked and played with her in his way. He liked it I took her out of the room and carried  her around to see the lower level. 

Just let me say, the make-shift pharmacy at the end of the table and items stored in a suitcase and cardboard box was a bit of a challenge. Thank you Brittany – Dr. Bredy and I could not have done this today without your help. We need a few things from the pharmacy in the other building and I hope to go there on Thursday and see what if anything, we have for a couple of kids and a few adults. 

On the upside – I am really good at multi-tasking; pseudo pharmacist and pea sheller. I had a few minutes to chat with Marie Carmelle and was helping her shell peas. Mdme Mark came out with a very large pan for us to complete lunch. I tried to brush her away with some humor – didn’t work, she gave me a bowl to complete. It took me about 4 hours with all the other things I was trying to do but I got it done. Also, each time Dr. Bredy wanted a lab value or an exam table – I asked her if she wore her p.j.’s to clinic because she must be dreaming!! Jojo was a jewel today. We could not have done the work today without him and he was there all day!! Thanks be to Jojo.

At this juncture my friends and family, I still have 13 term papers to read and grade so – good night Sweetheart – good night!!

                                                Evelyn Sue Trzynka
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