West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Ed’s story

The First Sunday of Advent, AD 2009, was very pleasantly warm and sunny so I decided to go to the 11 o’clock Communion at the Cathedral instead of St Elisabeth’s {Bartlett, TN}. Everything was very tranquil, and as it should … Read More


Welcome to my world of (Wonderland) most of you have heard of it before they call it Saint Vincent school for the handicapped in Port au Prince Haiti. I call it Wonderland because most of the time I come back … Read More

Allie’s story

I hadn’t even planned to be in Haiti that week. About 2 weeks before the trip, my friend Jill emailed me and said she needed a nurse to join her. I had every reason not to go…too much to get … Read More

Kellar McCloy’s Reflection

The thought of returning to Haiti to provide medical care for its people has remained a strong urge since first visiting in 2005. On that first visit, I was stunned by my first true sight of the third world: people … Read More

Ollie Rencher’s Reflection

My first trip to Haiti was a most life-changing experience. To visit such a holy place that spiritually and physically has been close to my heart was an invaluable gift particularly as I traveled and served with a fine team … Read More

Sienna Nelson’s Reflection

What did I do in Haiti? I have no idea where to start. Usually when I am asked this question I respond, “I hung out with the kids.” I’m afraid that makes my experience sound a little trivial, so I’llexplain … Read More

Lauren Craig’s Reflection

Working in the pharmacy at St. Vincent’s School was very hard, but very rewarding work. The most common prescriptions we filled were for basic, over-the-counter drugs like tylenol, antacids and multi-vitamins. In this country, we take modern conveniences like pain … Read More

Amy Bonk-Chanin’s Experience

I jumped at the chance, no questions asked, to go to Haiti with this medical mission.  The subject somehow came up at a mutual Parent-Teacher night when Susan Nelson and I ran into each other.  We hadn’t seen each other … Read More

Lift Up My Hair to the Lord

I just returned from my second trip to Haiti. It was different this time and I am still wrestling with why? The children and adults just feel different there, than here. There is a love and compassion there that you … Read More

Jiselle Bock’s Reflection

This year with the Christmas tree decorated and presents laid out underneath, I couldn’t stop thinking of Port-au-Prince. Hot heat day and night. Half-built concrete shanty towns. Goats munching on garbage and debris along a trickle of sewage water. Streets … Read More