West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Sienna at the beach

Hello!! I’m so sorry I missed so many days. The beach had no internet, then when we came home the internet was busted. I meant to catch up this afternoon but instead spent a frustrating two hours completing an alcohol … Read More

day 2 in Haiti- Sienna

Editor’s note: Sienna posted this on Facebook and I am just now getting it to the blog. Apologies. This post was from Monday night, I believe, Aug 8. I slept in today. Until 7:30 that is. Everyone else woke up … Read More

Sienna Day 2 in Haiti

Despite much anxiety the flight(s) yesterday were completely smooth. My bag was right there at the baggage claim, and Shelley, the lady whose family I’m staying with, was right outside the airport exit to pick me up. The Tlucek house … Read More

Sienna in Haiti

Thanks to all of you for your prayers for Sienna.  I talked with her on the phone this evening.  She is safely settled at the orphanage and happily practicing her Kreyol.  She told me that she and her American host family  … Read More