West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Ruthie’s Haiti Reflections

HAITI REFLECTIONS EPIPHANY 2012 Several years ago when I served as the head of the Outreach committee at Grace-St. Luke’s Church, I was always asked by church members and community leaders alike, “What is your church doing in the way … Read More

Drew’s Advent Meditation

FROMDEACON DREW WOODRUFFUPDATE: THE MISSION TRIP TO HAITINOVEMBER 29 – DECEMBER 5 Written on Sunday, December 4th in Haiti We are preparing ourselves on Sunday both mentally and spiritually to return to the land of milk and honey after we … Read More

Randy’s reflections on Nov trip to Haiti

Randy McCloy is a Gastroenterology physician in Memphis Tennessee. He also serves as a deacon at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion. Here is his reflection written shortly after returning from our recent trip. December 2011: Who Are We … Read More

Joan’s experience at Re-Entry

Joan Phelps is  a priest from Connecticut and sent me this email shortly after our return to the U S: I was a bit tired yesterday so wasn’t too aware of anything. Today I saw my dental hygienist who I … Read More

Amazing Grace

Amazing grace, how sweet though art, to have an no armed boy of about 4 years old come up to you and want up on your lap during the church service. Up he wiggles and moves like all boys do. … Read More

Re Entry

Yesterday was my first day to wake up in Memphis since our recent trip. I find myself thinking about putting my life back together. That sounds dramatic, but it really does feel like re -entry into another world. Tears come … Read More

john mutin’s reflections

Posted on by Susan Nelson

I have been asked to write to you about how things are going in Haiti.  In considering this task, I feel one of the biggest questions in my mind is – Are we making a difference?  The answer is definitely … Read More

reflections from Sonya about children’s orthopedic clinic at St. Vincent’s

Posted on by Susan Nelson

The Club Foot Clinic The central hallway that runs through the clinic building was lined withmothers holding babies, soothing crying children, nursing infants,shushing toddlers—all waiting for their turn at the club foot clinic.Parents came from miles around with their children, … Read More

She has done what she could

There is a story in Mark’s gospel (Chapter 14) about a woman who brings an expensive jar of perfume to the house of Simon the Leper, where Jesus is having dinner with his friends. The woman anoints Jesus with the … Read More

Living Water

This past Sunday the gospel reading was about Jesus talking with a Samaritan woman. He tells her He will give her living water (John 4:3-42) I always wondered what that living water was exactly, or if Jesus was just using … Read More