West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Update on St. VIncent’s from Bill Squire

Dear Friends, I have recently returned from a visit to St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children and the Diocese of Haiti. Since the earthquake early last year, there has been considerable support for St. Vincent’s, and of course, the Diocese … Read More

update from Bill Squire regarding sending supplies to JoJo and St Vincent’s

Below is an excerpt from an email sent by Bill Squire to Drew Woodruff,  I thought you would like to know, I believe that I have successfully gotten $500 to JoJo. I received a call from a Dr. Fred Sorrells … Read More

Standard Deviation

“You live in a big house?” asked Judith.“No.” I replied without thinking and then reconsidered. What I wanted to say was something like, “It’s not that big by my standards, but it probably is by yours.” But I wasn’t sure … Read More