West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

News from Lee Warren

Folks,   I’ve gotten a lot of press in the local papers over the past months. I mean, a lot. My trip to Haiti right after the quake created several weeks of press across the entire county and farther. I … Read More

Thursday in Haiti with Lee Warren

Dear Family Friends, It’s 8:30PM and the day is still full of eventful God-incidences. Let’s start at the beginning and only with a few stories. I’ll try to add a picture or two, but the Internet is slow. The mother … Read More

Tuesday in Haiti with Lee Warren

Dear Family and Friends,      Today was exhausting, especially for the dental team and physicians, but we are all rather weary.  Once again, the day starts and ends with a rough 1.5 hr. Drive. The clinic was overwhelmed with … Read More

Monday in Haiti with Lee Warren

Here’s today’s report to just a few of you. Getting things out is very challenging tonight. Only Facebook really works. Good evening. Let’s see, it’s Monday, I believe.  You lose track of time here very quickly.   The first day … Read More

Sunday in Haiti with Lee Warren

Bonsoir everyone. What I thought would be a rather relaxed day before the heavy work week at the clinic switched gears. I first went to another orphanage with some of the doctors to examine those children. Almost all were in excellent … Read More

News from Lee Warren with Stop Hunger Now

Thank goodness there is no difficulty getting on-line.  Here are this morning’s updates:• Arrived safely after pit stopping in a tiny island in the Bahamas to refuel. • Cap Haitian seems like a calm, small version of PAP – less congested, less … Read More