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Coming back to my American life after a trip to Haiti is always difficult. It has been a week now since we landed in Memphis and had to put on warm winter coats, shocked at the temperature change. My daughter … Read More

The Patience of Job

That’s what comes to my mind as we travel in the back of the small pickup truck we travel for miles and miles and as far as my eye can see there is tent after tent one on top of … Read More

More pictures

Susan Nelson and Pere Sadoni Sienna and Remi

Photos from St. Vincent’s Trip Dec 2010

Here are a few photos from the Dec. trip.Jill Bullard holds Viki Vincent, an infant boy with club feet and the newest orphan adopted by St. Vincent’s School.  He was baptized during our December trip. Sherye Fairbanks and Jean Robert

Sherye’s journal from December 2010

Haiti Journal November 2010My dear friends,It was impossible to get access to a computer every night, so I wrote everything but the first paragraph when we returned on December 5. Enjoy!November 27:We have arrived safely. Words cannot describe the drive … Read More

the container has made it

John Mutin reports the food container from the Stop Hunger Now packing event is in the hands of the Diocese and off the docks. And glory to God no more money changed hands – John Mutin

Arrival at the school, Rejoicing!

Nov. 29, 2010 Last night I asked everyone on our team here in Haiti to send emails and start a prayer chain to everyone they know to get us to St. Vincent’s today. Thank you to all of you and … Read More

Concerning the safety of travelling to St. Vincent’s

Nov. 28, 2010 Our mission team is safely housed at a guest house in Port au Prince. The problem is that Pere Sadoni (the priest in charge of St. Vincent’s) is worried about us travelling to St. Vincent’s tomorrow due … Read More


Please pray for our mission team members, our safe travel and especially our ability to get around while in Haiti. We are staying at a guest house about 10 minutes from St. Vincent’s school. The national elections are on Nov … Read More


We have a team of 11 confirmed members traveling to St. Vincent’s School for Handicapped Children in Port au Prince.  We will operate a medical clinic for 4-5 days and take all our supplies with us.  Due to the damage … Read More