West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Another Day at St. Vincent’s

More fun today as the eye doctors gave out most of the rest of the eyeglasses they brought. One girl with a very strong prescription came back today, wearing her glasses which made us happy. Many of the children take … Read More


Group of 4 arrived safely in Port au Prince last night and were met at the airport by Pere Fan Fan, Jennifer Wickham, and a couple of friendly faces from St Vincents.  Port au Prince looked pretty dry to us … Read More

Two Sides, Both Needed- From the blog of Janet O’Flynn

Today is the first day I left the campus. I walked across our small town to church, about a mile away, in the early morning. I half expected to be making detours to avoid standing water, since the photos I … Read More

Small Medical Team going to St Vincent’s Oct 9

This was not SUPPOSED to be a medical team visit.  This trip was intended to have a small group visit the school, see our friends,  have a Governing Board meeting, and fly  home. Then came Hurricane Matthew. Of course, nature … Read More

Hurricane Matthew

A letter from Father Frantz Cole, priest in charge of St. Vincent’s School Mes amis, We are currently in the midst of difficulty because HURRICANE MATHEW is going to hit Port-au-Prince soon. It is very dangereous. I just talked to … Read More