West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Building Fences, Washing Clothes


It’s Tuesday in the evening. We made a push today and the short picket fence and the gate went up. YEA! Monty, Tess and some of the boys put together the frame for the grow bed. Yea! Yea! Sam will be here tomorrow and we will start the barrels for the fish and begin to set up the grow garden.

I changed my “return home” ticket from this morning until Friday. I’m going to try to finish testing hearing aids and maybe wash some more clothes with the ladies.
Right now I am sitting on the roof of the Guest House with a Prestige listening to the sounds of Haiti. The birds sound like an orchestra tuning up–violins screeching, violas being plucked, wooden flutes playing scales, someone tinkling the high keys on a piano, a kettle drum, lots of triangles, and a sound like someone pinched the soprano and she screamed. It is rainy season and sometime in the middle of the night the rain will come down hard and fast, which is another great sound.

Not much else today. It should be a good day tomorrow. 

Love to you all,
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