West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Brittany’s New Skirt

A story shared by seasoned St. Vincent’s volunteer pharmacist Brittany Jonap, who is currently living and working in Haiti.

Our dear friend and St. Vincent’s graduate Clauricienne is an extremely talented seamstress who just graduated from fashion design school, despite having been born with two arms that end at the elbow, and only one finger.

Brittany was feeling bored with her wardrobe, so she asked Clauricienne if she could make her a new skirt. Clauricienne quickly responded, “yes, what style?”


Watching Clauricienne work is always such a treat. Her movements are deft and efficient. In no time at all, Brittany had her beautiful new skirt!


You can watch a video of Clauricienne using her sewing machine here.

If you want to follow Brittany’s adventures in Haiti, check out her blog.


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