West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Bricks and Lumber and Clown Noses


Today Sam was unable to come, so we did what we could and will hopefully finish tomorrow when Sam should be there. We built the grow bed that holds the plants and got it set up. We went to get paint. We’ll see what happens tomorrow with garden plans. Our hope is to get the barrels and grow bed finished and put water in them. The students will be testing the pH of the water while we are gone–hoping nitirfication happens! On June 10 we will add the fish and plants and go from there. 

We have spent a lot of time having fun with the students and staff here. We believe this is as important as how many nails we drive. We are enjoying ourselves as we build this garden and become part of this community.

Tess is great with a saw and drill. They staff and residents are rather surprised at her carpentry skills. It is not what they expect. The women are applauding and the men are just surprised!!

I am attaching a few pictures to this email that I hope you will enjoy. 
1. I brought clown noses and one of the little girls just had so much fun with hers. Brittany took this picture. 
2. Me and Tess working on the grow bed. Please note she is the one working and I am the one sitting on the board to hold it still!
3. Brittany doing the laundry.
4. The kids lunch, which consists of a large portion of rice and Haitian peas.
5. Me, Brittany, Tess, and Monty in the back of the pick-up truck moving bricks and lumber. 

More tomorrow, which will be my last day at the school.

Much Love

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