West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Arrival of the CBU Nurses, Day 1

To the Haiti Partnership and Dr. Nelson,

We made it and so did all our luggage and giant tubs of food. There was a little disorganization (more than usual) at the airport and but we finally met up with Pere Sadoni. I was very glad to see him and he got a BIG hug from me.

The mini bus was nice – air conditioning and room to stack, and stack, and stack the bags. However, it was too wide to get down the drive to the guest house; we unloaded all our stuff and hauled it down the drive. That earned each of us a Prestige (Haitian beer).

They are expanding the church and closing it in with walls; no ceiling fans. The choir of course did beautiful songs. Church was lovely with a baptism and communion, until that is one student got dizzy, vomited and fainted!! She revived for a time but after church we ended up sending her and another back to the guest house while the rest went to see the children. When she fainted, a “boy scout” came up to me hugged me and said “do you remember me I am Markason”. Of course I did and returned his hug. Marie Carmel was in her place watching over us. She confirmed that the children are getting only one meal a day. JoJo was watching TV to regain his focus so he could paint. He too was pleased to see us and promised to paint me a beautiful sunset. We had Jean Robert take us to a market where I ordered ice cream for Thursday and then to try and find the Iron Market. The latter did not go so well, either he or the bus driver did not seem to know where we wanted to go. Gail is back from a funeral so I will get her advise on this issue. The nurses’ cleaned out the new gift shop at Holy Trinity while I was with the ill student. Overall, the group is mixing well since I have nursing students for 3 different groups.

We are thinking of you and all are asking when you are coming. Marie Carmel wanted to know if Sienna is coming with you later this month. Cristiana looked great, Margaret has grown and looks much like she has filled out some. Zachary was not too pleased to see I returned; Clark says he associates us with pain!!

The orthotics building is under construction and according to Andy and the other guys they’re doing well.

It is really hot. Ramelle thought it seemed more hot and humid, and I tried to tease her that it was her age but finally had to agree it is really hot.

Will write to you often — miss your smile with us.


Dr. Sue Trzynka teaches nursing students at CBU in Memphis and lives in Jackson, TN.
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