West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Another Day in Paradise

Good morning all,

I’m on the veranda enjoying a little breeze now. Mountains and bougainvilleas are everywhere. 
Yesterday our ride was late–a confusion with the language. We have a Haitian phone now so we were able to call. We gathered the kids and sang the song for a while. Everyone is excited about the USAID group coming on Friday. As we had hoped would happen, the teachers had wonderful ideas and have completely taken over the process. We have become the assistants. They Are very capably in charge.
Today we will be making paper fish as one of the crafts related to the Aquaponic garden, more bubbles (too much fun) and we might have enough time to plant the seeds. Taking things one at a time and hoping our driver arrives on time!
Yesterday we had so much fun with the pipe cleaners. 

My best experience–one of the kids I have loved for a long time sought me out and we were able to sit and sign for a while. She has graduated for St. V. and attends a school outside the campus, but she still lives there. Today I will attempt to get some video of the older students signing. We’ll see what happens with that. And we are bringing musical instruments for the kids to play with.
Hilary and Alison are doing well. We’ve all fallen in love again with this funny place and the kids. There is a gecko in our room that makes kissing noises every night! 
I hope everyone is doing well. It’s odd not to be able to pick up the phone and just contact someone. 
More tomorrow if I’m not too tired!!
Men anpil chay pa lou — many hands make the load lighter,


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