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Another Day at St. Vincent’s

More fun today as the eye doctors gave out most of the rest of the eyeglasses they brought.


George with Locson, our interpreter

One girl with a very strong prescription came back today, wearing her glasses which made us happy. Many of the children take their new glasses and put them in their pocket!  But she bounced up to us and recognized Kelly, one of the eye doctors.  This is a girl who was using touch to identify people.  Now she saw her from a distance and ran up to her, smiling!  Locson, our interpreter, asked her what color my shoes were. “Vert!” (Green) she said.   Then she turned and RAN UP THE STAIRS.  The school administrator, Aurelie, couldn’t believe it.  “She never did that before!” was her comment.  Miracles.

Alicia insisted that “Drew’s kids” come downstairs for the morning, so they could be outside.  So Auguste, Diana, Vundla and Yolene spent the morning on the stage watching the other children get their glasses.  Then Yolene and Diana got to choose their own sunglasses. Yolene was very particular and wanted the red ones.


Diana in her shades

Later Clauricienne displayed her art, which today was painted seashells.


Clauricienne’s hand-painted seashells

I bought a whole table full, of course. She talked with Sherye about finishing her projects for her diploma in fashion design.  The school has several sewing machines which have been donated but needed repairs, and we saw them being fixed today by a man named Jean Claude.


Jean-Claude repairing a sewing machine

Clauricienne does great work and we hope she will be able to start her own small business with the skills she has learned. Not bad for a girl with no hands except for one finger   You have to watch her to believe it.

There was so much more happening today but honestly I barely have the energy to write about it.  Our eye doctors met Dr Marius, the Haitian eye doctor who works at St. Vincent’s medical clinic every Thursday. I believe they have established a connection which will help all concerned, as SCO plans to bring a team of optometry faculty and students every year.


Dr. Marius, Dr. Alicia, Dr. Kelly

Tom Landry came to the school on the afternoon , always a rock star to the kids when he arrives.  Brittany, our pharmacist, now lives in Haiti and she came to visit as well. Funny to meet old friends from the US at our home away from home in Haiti

We all had dinner (and a few adult beverages!) at the Hotel Montana

Tomorrow our group splits up to various destinations; two visiting another school for the deaf, two going to visit a sponsored child in another part of Port au Prince and two (including me) going to meet with Bishop Duracin (Bishop of Haiti).

Sherye is already asleep at 9:00 and I’m almost there.  Good night to our faithful supporters.  Know that St. Vincent’s is in its usual state of mildly controlled chaos, with miracles happening every day.  Same as always.


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