West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Anne’s reflection

St. Vincent’s

In a broken city
in a broken country
in a broken world
A boy with no arms plays futbol 
and discovers a fun noodle
A girl with no arms paints a friend’s fingernails 
with her toes
A boy struggles to pray out loud and keeps saying “Alleluia” 
A precious girl, who can only smile, laughs when we sing “Frer-e-Jaques– Margarette”
A doctor “happens” to meet a cardiologist from Ohio
in a hallway at a hospital
Physical therapists find a stroller and walker for a bed-bound child
A deacon wrestles with ten lively little ones at once
in a hot upstairs room
A med student is everywhere–saying what we can’t 
in words or signs
A man with no arms or legs paints works of art
A blind girl plays classic violin; a blind man, the accordion
Superman does the impossible all day
A priest celebrates Eucharist
Children sing “How Great Thou Art” in French
A neuro-psychologist manages a pharmacy
Helpers soothe a crying child, escort patients, deliver prescriptions, 
feed little ones
Nurses and medical assistants play catch, paint fingernails, stick fingers
An American deacon assists at Eucharist (in French) at the rebuilt cathedral
A shepherd takes care of his sheep and plays hymns on his violin 
A man maneuvers a bus through impossible traffic on impassable streets
and delivers the team to and from a Holy Place
In this broken city
that overflows with color 
and tap taps named for Jesus 
and God’s children
In this broken country 
that keeps on keeping on
despite earthquake, fire, and flood
In this broken world 
Where Love lives
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