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St Vincent’s is the only school in Haiti which educates deaf and blind and physically challenged children. For 75 years it has been a beacon of hope for families who otherwise would see their children begging in the streets.

In 2009, a small infant was left by her mother in the school courtyard. She had obvious hydrocephalus (extra fluid in the brain). She was baptized and named Margaret Vincent, and taken into the St Vincent’s community. Margaret lived 10 years, cared for lovingly by the staff. You can read more about Margaret’s story HERE 

When Margaret died in 2019, WTHP established the Margaret Vincent Scholarship Fund, to support children like her whose families are unable to pay their tuition.

The cost of educating one special needs child for one year  is $780.  Boarding students, whose families live too far away from Port au Prince for them to go home every day, cost $1200 per year.   Families are asked to pay $130 tuition.  About half of the families are able to pay this, others pay part or none of this tuition due to extreme poverty. You can support one of these children completely, or donate any smaller amount by clicking HERE.


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