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Just as the early church reached out in partnership with the church in Jerusalem, today the broader church must join together in the service of our Lord in Haiti.  As sisters and brothers in Christ, Haitians and North Americans come together to share God’s love with each other in many different ways.  The Partnership Program serves Haitians and North Americans by giving them a system through which they can work in confidence, trust, good accountability, and transparency.

The love of God is expressed through the mission and ministries of the Partnership Program in a variety of ways: ministries of education, healthcare, agriculture, micro-enterprise, nutrition, food and clothing, sharing the joy of Christ, and the story of the love of God.  Many ways emerge through which we can accomplish God’s work in Haiti.  Together, the partners seek to discern God’s particular placement and timing in their mutual ministries.

First, and most importantly, the Partnership Program is about building relationships.  We do many wonderful things together in Christ’s name, but most of all, we come together to grow in oneness with each other and with Christ our God.  All that we do and all that we are, by God’s grace, grows out of our inspired hearts, which moves us to serve.  Blessings abound for all that are involved, receivers and givers alike.

The coordination of these efforts is essential for their proper functioning.  The Partnership Program exists to provide such coordination.  These organized efforts help the Bishop of Haiti to be better involved and informed for his oversight responsibilities.  The Partnership Program is under the oversight of The Bishop of Haiti. 


Through the contact information below, communication with the Program Coordinator is readily available. Please feel free and know that you are encouraged to communicate often and fully. The Coordinator is here to serve.

Mailing Address:
Rev. Kesner Ajax
c/o Agape Flights Acc # 2519
100 Airport Ave
Venice, FL 34285

Phone: 011-509-3445 3346 OR 011-509-3724 8376

Email: [email protected]

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