West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

A Passage through customs, then airconditioning

All arrived safely in Port au Prince airport, all bags collected, and Pere Fan Fan was there to greet us.  He had a police escort for us!  We went through customs, with inspection of about half of our bags.I think after so many bags the inspectors get tired of looking at rolls of paper towels, boxes of antacids, and personal clothing mixed in with all the vitamins!  The only casualty was one bottle of vitamins whose seal was broken.  Everything else got through and we were on our way.  I must say it was one of the most peaceful and uncomplicated entries into Port au Prince that we have had in recent trips.  

We are staying at a new guest house, Trinity Lodge.  Sienna and I have our own room, complete with AIRCONDITIONING and a fan.    It is blissfully cool tonight, and we had a quick meal of spaghetti shortly after our arrival, along with a bottle of our favorite Haitian beer, Prestige.  Janet O Flynn greeted us when we arrived, a nice surprise!  She is an occupational therapist who is working with the new PT/OT school in Leogane.  She came up to meet our team therapist Ruth Mulvany and her sister in law Zara Harris.  When I left them downstairs they were happily talking therapist shop talk, thinking about the work they will do tomorrow at St Vincent’s.  There is a physical therapy clinic that runs daily; Ruth and Zara hope to spend the week there.  

Susan, Ruth and Zara on the bus

I have the student’s records loaded into a database, thanks to a CBU nurse alum, Connie Noe.  I have been checking it tonight to see the names of students I particularly want to see tomorrow. Students with heart conditions, severe anemia, and so forth.  It is a big step forward to have medical records to guide us this trip.  Even with spotty wifi and the program kicking me out periodically, it is an improvement.

Looking forward to driving through the gates of St Vincents tomorrow, seeing all my friends and getting to work.  Thanks to all for prayers to get us safely here. 

Susan Nelson

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