West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

A Message from Pere Sadoni in Port-au-Prince

Dear Friends in USA,
I write this e-mail to you to let you know that I am alive and all my parents and my fiancee’s parents are alive.
The first bulding of St Vincent is down and 6 kids and employees dyed in the heathquaker. Now they are with me in the field of College St Pierre near the Palace. this afternoom I will have a meeting with the bishop and I plan to propose to him to let me go with all the kid to montrouis. I hope he agrees.
We really appreciate what Bill Squire did yesterday. He came to visit us in this difficult situation. He brought some money for us and we will use this money to feed the kids during three weeks in Montrouis.
The urgent now is to feed them. we don’t have any materiels (cloths, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap). Afeter the hearthquaker people get into St Vincent, so they robbed all the rest of the materials witch left, in my office, in the dorm, in the pharmacy, in the oparating room etc….
I hope in the next day the state will be able to pull out all the wall so we can built a new wall to protect the rest of St Vincent.
Glory to God we are safe, Glory to God He keeps the children safe. May his name be glorified everywhere.
In Christ,
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