West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

5 Things

5 Things I Take for Granted at Home in Memphis
Clean, drinkable water right out of the tap.  Not having to go to the water cooler to brush my teeth.
Showers at any temperature I like, with enough water pressure to wash my hair (rather than ten drops a minute)
Going to the grocery store and buying as much food as I need or want.
Consistent electricity and internet.
Not sweating in my sleep.
5 Things I Love about Haiti
Fresh squeezed fruit juice every morning.  Mango, watermelon, cherry juice. Delicious and cold.
Picliz, the spicy Haitian cabbage dish that John Mutin and I fight over.

Coffee that tastes so good I drink 3 cups.  Another thing John and I fight over.

The hugs and smiles from St Vincents kids and staff who treat us like family.

Seeing God work through a team of amazing, committed people to do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.

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