West Tennessee Haiti Partnership


Members and volunteers of the West Tennessee Haiti Partnership are deeply invested in the health and well-being of the students at St. Vincent’s, so we are very excited about the current medical venture of beloved student, Bergens Souffrant.  Volunteers at the school, … Read More

The New St. Vincent’s!

Construction of the new Santo 17 facility finished early this summer, and since then St. Vincent’s has gradually been transferring operations from their former location downtown. The residents were relocated in July, and everyone is hard at work getting ready for the … Read More

This is My Party Shirt

The people of Haiti wear pieces of America on their bodies, visible to all. An American riding through the streets of Haiti can feel right at home with the recognizable slogans riding past on motorcycles, climbing into taptaps, selling mangoes … Read More

A stick of gum, a bottle of lemonade

The days in Haiti are so long and packed with activities it’s hard to remember at the end of the day what I actually did this morning.  After Morning Prayer on the lovely shaded patio, and several cups of delicious … Read More

Ode to Reynolds Cheney

We were enjoying dinner and “adult beverages” last night at the Hotel Montana when Jennifer, our SVC development coordinator, handed me her phone to show me the announcement of the death of Reynolds Cheney  It hit me like a stone … Read More

An Insiders View of Haiti

Today I saw the wonderful new school and reconnected with many old friends.  Marie Carmelle gave me a tour, including the bedrooms which are filled with natural light.  The old site had dark shadowy airless closet spaces filled with bunk … Read More

First night in Haiti

Sweating in my room at the guest house, I am thinking over our first day in Haiti today   I do have two fans going which is a blessing.  There is promise of that AC unit coming on at some … Read More

Haiti Partnership Committee Offers Report, Looks to the Future

Posted on by Susan Nelson

[June 28, 2017] At its recent meeting in June in Port-au-Prince, the Haiti Partnership Committee took steps that enables progress on three projects: Holy Trinity Cathedral Complex, St. Barnabas Agricultural College, and St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children.  The Haiti … Read More

St. Vincent’s Spring 2017 Newsletter

                      An Easter message from  Père Frantz “Fanfan” Cole (Director, Centre Saint Vincent)   ALLELUIA! CHRIST IS RISEN! We have walked together through the 40 days of Lent and learned to … Read More

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 Part 4 by Sonya Yencer

TUESDAY :: PART 4 :: Sometimes jewelry making wasn’t about the final product; it was all about the process.  Meet Bens. He has no physical disability, but rather a mental one. He gives the world’s longest, most precious hugs every … Read More