West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Jwaye Nwel ak bon ane nouvo!

Jwaye Nwel ak bon ane nouvo! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It’s the season of sharing, and we would like to thank God for all of his blessings! This year Saint Vincent’s has been blessed by great generosity and … Read More

‘Tis The Season for Giving!

Amitye a sanble menm bagay la nan tout mond lan. Friendship looks the same all over the world. My name is Bill Craddock, and I am proud to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Saint Vincent’s … Read More

Janet Gets to Give a Mini Sermon!

From the blog “The Beginning of Something Wonderful”, the story of the first year of the new Rehabilitation Dept. of the Episcopal University in Haiti, from the viewpoint of Donnel and Janet O’Flynn: 3 December 2016:  International Day of the Handicapped … Read More

International Day of Persons With Disabilities

December 3rd is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities — a day to unify around ensuring a better, more equitable world. An annual celebration promoted by the United Nations since 1992, the day is dedicated to helping spread awareness and … Read More

Simple Joys

Today is my last working day in Haiti. Tomorrow I fly home to Memphis. Sipping delicious Haitian coffee this morning and feeling the cool breezes. Anyone who has travelled to Haiti knows these simple joys.  Amid the experiences of disappointment … Read More

Another Day at St. Vincent’s

More fun today as the eye doctors gave out most of the rest of the eyeglasses they brought. One girl with a very strong prescription came back today, wearing her glasses which made us happy. Many of the children take … Read More


Group of 4 arrived safely in Port au Prince last night and were met at the airport by Pere Fan Fan, Jennifer Wickham, and a couple of friendly faces from St Vincents.  Port au Prince looked pretty dry to us … Read More

Two Sides, Both Needed- From the blog of Janet O’Flynn

Today is the first day I left the campus. I walked across our small town to church, about a mile away, in the early morning. I half expected to be making detours to avoid standing water, since the photos I … Read More

Small Medical Team going to St Vincent’s Oct 9

This was not SUPPOSED to be a medical team visit.  This trip was intended to have a small group visit the school, see our friends,  have a Governing Board meeting, and fly  home. Then came Hurricane Matthew. Of course, nature … Read More

Hurricane Matthew

A letter from Father Frantz Cole, priest in charge of St. Vincent’s School Mes amis, We are currently in the midst of difficulty because HURRICANE MATHEW is going to hit Port-au-Prince soon. It is very dangereous. I just talked to … Read More