West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

The Jeweler and the Dentist

Posted on by Susan Nelson

The dental team: Phil Caldwell, Sherye Fairbanks and a Haitian dental student The children at St Vincents have not had regular dental care since the earthquake in 2010.  The dental clinic and facilities were destroyed in the earthquake and have … Read More

5 Things

Posted on by Susan Nelson

5 Things I Take for Granted at Home in Memphis Clean, drinkable water right out of the tap.  Not having to go to the water cooler to brush my teeth. Showers at any temperature I like, with enough water pressure … Read More

The Clinger, the Screamer, the Singers and one Rubber Band pulled out of a Kid’s Ear

Posted on by Susan Nelson

Today was a typical day in the clinic.  I will attempt to describe exactly what that means in Haiti at St Vincents.  The teachers bring the kids down to the clinic by class, which means we get 10-15 deaf kids … Read More

First Day at St Vincents, Busy and Hot

Posted on by Susan Nelson

Our huge team of 18 managed today to see 51 patients in the medical clinic and 12 dental patients.  Dr Phil Caldwell was somehow able to organize the use of a private dental clinic, invite several dental students and a … Read More


Posted on by Susan Nelson

The WIFI is not working today so the blog post will be brief since it has to be retyped from text on a phone. “18 team members and all suitcases from six states arrived safely in PAP. Met at airport … Read More

Coming Home

Posted on by Susan Nelson

This is my last hello from Haiti.  I am ready to come home!! Sam and two of his friends came today and we finished up everything except for a few little things that Monty can do on Saturday and Monday. … Read More

Bricks and Lumber and Clown Noses

Bonjou, Today Sam was unable to come, so we did what we could and will hopefully finish tomorrow when Sam should be there. We built the grow bed that holds the plants and got it set up. We went to … Read More

Building Fences, Washing Clothes

Bonjou! It’s Tuesday in the evening. We made a push today and the short picket fence and the gate went up. YEA! Monty, Tess and some of the boys put together the frame for the grow bed. Yea! Yea! Sam will … Read More

Hammering Nails and Washing Clothes

Bon jou my dear friends, Still busy and making headway toward the garden. We were off to St. Vincent’s at 8 a.m. this Monday morning. This is Brittany’s last day here. She flies home to go to work tomorrow. We will really miss her … Read More

Progress with finding a site for the new Gardens

Bon jou! I’m the first one awake again–pigs are back to greet me! Saturday was a most interesting day. We walked 3 times to the garden site and back to the school. For safety we always travel in groups and … Read More