West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Day 4, Vitamins and Plaster

6 AM in Haiti, everyone asleep at the guest house except the cooks who already have coffee ready for us.  Wonderful strong Haitian coffee, with brown sugar and a little milk, or straight black as John Mutin likes it. Our … Read More

Day 3 Inadequacy and Mercy

On the bus this morning, Sherye taught us some basic signs including colors and numbers.  There are about 80 deaf kids at St Vincent’s, and Sherye helps us communicate with them in clinic.  Being a teacher, she always looks for … Read More

Day 2 Hunting for a Local Pharmacy

Today was our first day at St Vincent’s.  We arrived early enough to see the school opening ceremony, when the Haitian flag is raised and the children sing their national anthem. Blind, deaf, missing limbs, does not matter.  Everyone sings. … Read More

Day 1 Smooth Sailing

We had the smoothest trip I can remember, with no weather delays, no missed connections, and all 11 team members and 20 suitcases arrived intact.  Sienna joined us in Miami, having  flown from New Orleans early this morning.  She arrived … Read More

Pre trip hopes and fears

Up at the computer at 6 AM, the day before our team leaves for Haiti.  This will be trip #11 for me.  We have 17 team members (YIKES!).  I realized last night that all are veterans, except 2 medical students … Read More

“Woodley 1&2. Making Beds” – Shruti’s Reflection pt. 4

So. I have both been extremely busy and extremely lazy since I came back from Port au Prince two weeks ago. I’ve been traveling a lot for interviews and when I’m not traveling, I’m watching A LOT of TV or … Read More

“A lot to process” – Shruti’s Reflection pt. 3

THE WEEKEND EDITION Before I start, I just wanted to thank you all for the amazing emails I received about your reactions to reading about the kids. There is a lot more I want to say about working with the … Read More

“Treatable and Not Treatable” – Shruti Reflection pt. 2

So, when I asked Dr. Nelson if I could join the trip, the only questions I asked her were 1. Will my being a vegetarian be a problem? 2. May I wear scrubs? 3. Will I be able to do … Read More

“So. I’m in Port au Prince” – Shruti’s Reflection pt. 1

So. I’m in Port au Prince, Haiti. HOWTwo weeks ago UTCOM’s Dean of Students sent an email about a clinical opportunity in Haiti. I typically delete any email I receive through my UT account, but for some reason I decided … Read More

The Most Courageous Boy I Know

On Monday we were there for only a few minutes when I saw my buddy Jasper. He scoots past everyone and comes straight to me. This brought tears to my eyes because I have been praying for him since we … Read More