West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

The team takes a break

Today in Haiti is a national holiday, commemorating the death of Jean Jacques Dessalines.  He and Touissant L’Overture together led the slave rebellion against the French, and declared independence on Jan 1, 1804.  Haiti is the only country in the … Read More

Handbell Choir and Soccer Balls

This morning’s clinic was remarkable because several of our team have learned to communicate simple words with the deaf kids and are learning basic Kreyol as well.  Bailey worked with me this morning, and by the end of clinic was … Read More

A Double Rainbow

Edie just told me she is amused to look at the broken streets of Port au Prince, with concrete rubble in piles on the sidewalk and scattered debris in the gutters, and then hear me and Sienna and John Mutin … Read More

First clinic day at St Vincent’s

A typical clinic day at St Vincent’s:  plenty of smiling kids in uniform, coming for a “checkup”.  Edie,Sienna, Sherye and James visited Holy Trinity School, run by Reverend Fernan (the only ordained female priest in Haiti); James was impressed by … Read More

Day 2 Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Plaza Hotel and Reunion with the kids

This morning we had the joy of attending services at Holy Trinity Cathedral.  It was all in French, but the service is familiar in any language.  As promised, the service lasted about 2 hours.  At the end of the service, … Read More

Arrival in Haiti (Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013)

Travel day was the easiest ever!  Delta Airlines now flies from Atlanta to Port au Prince, which eliminates the craziness of flying to Chicago or St Paul in order to fly to Miami to catch the plane to Port au … Read More

Reflections on Haiti by a First – Timer

editor’s note:  Judith travelled to St Vincents School with a team this summer, and brought sewing machines to teach some of the older girls how to use them.   Reflections on My Trip to Haiti and St. Vincent’s School I … Read More

final days at St Vincent/CBU Nurses

Wednesday, October 2nd.During my quiet time – one devotion this week related to “do not worry about tomorrow – tomorrow has worries enough” So I did not… good thing. First the bus was late, he went to St Vincent’s instead … Read More

CBU nurses at St Vincent’s, Day 2

Monday, September 30 – First let me say it was an awesome day. Second, it was not a day we would have planned; however, all went well beyond my expectation. There are only resident children there; Yoline, August, Margaret, and … Read More

CBU Nurses travel to St Vincent’s

Editor’s note:  Dr Sue Trzynka and a dozen or so nurses from CBU’s (Christian Brothers University) graduate nursing program are in Haiti this week, to do wellness assessments on all the children at St Vincent’s.  They also bring toys, toothbrushes, … Read More