West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

St. Vincent’s Year-End Report 2013 from Fr. Leon Sadoni

What follows below is a year end report on the life of the school, including its great successes and its massive challenges. Please read all the way through to get a fuller picture of St. Vincent’s in 2013. Dear Friends … Read More

A Donor Challenge to raise money for Food

We have an offer from a very generous donor to match contributions of money for food, up to $6090.   That is the cost of feeding the resident children and staff of St Vincents School for one month Please take … Read More

A Double Rainbow

Edie just told me she is amused to look at the broken streets of Port au Prince, with concrete rubble in piles on the sidewalk and scattered debris in the gutters, and then hear me and Sienna and John Mutin … Read More

Handbells and Soccer Balls

This morning’s clinic was remarkable because several of our team have learned to communicate simple words with the deaf kids and are learning basic Kreyol as well. Bailey worked with me this morning, and by the end of clinic was … Read More

John’s Reflection-“Baby Margaret”

​I had one of those ‘ah ha’ moments while on our last trip to Haiti that is bothering me. I can’t get it out of my mind and I would like to share it with you. During this trip I … Read More

The LandfillHarmonic Orchestra, Music at St. Vincent’s

In a slum built on a landfill in Cateura, Paraguay, a community came together to build a “Recycled Orchestra” out of so-called “trash” from the landfill. Teenagers from the community have come together to play these instruments, and the sound … Read More

Thank you to our donors

Our recent trip was supported by many donors. One donor answered my appeal to help pay for plane tickets for two team members who could not afford plane/room/board for two people which would have totalled $2000.  Another donor reached into … Read More

Reflections from the October 2013 team

Yesterday while we were waiting at the airport in Port au Prince, I asked the team members (after they managed to find a sufficient supply of french fries from the airport restaurant) to write down the answer to 3 questions: … Read More


Happy to return home to the arms of our families and loved ones last night.  Retrieving jars of picliz from various suitcases to take home for me and John Mutin. Unfortunately, as my husband observed, picliz “does not travel well”. … Read More

Last day at St Vincent’s

After our restful day at the beach, we were all happy to see the kids again. Emily B worked with me again in clinic. Her French skills were invaluable, although by this time my Kreyol is fairly functional, at least … Read More