West Tennessee Haiti Partnership


Several years ago when I served as the head of the Outreach committee at Grace-St. Luke’s Church, I was always asked by church members and community leaders alike, “What is your church doing in the way of ‘hands-on’ ministry?” Yes, … Read More


Our last day in Haiti  is bitter sweet as you can imagine.  Thoughts of leaving these children behind crowd in your mind with watching them play and smile and steal your heart. John Mutin has made a particular friend of … Read More

Beer and Benadryl

Sleeping in Haiti is always a challenge.  I am a light sleeper by nature, and an early riser even in the States (hence my occasional blog posts at 4 AM).  Add to that the excitement of being in Haiti, not … Read More

Blessings and Thanks from Haiti

Dear brothers and sisters, It is with great honor and pleasure that I am writing you today, on behalf of the coordination of the Partnership Program of the Diocese of Haiti. As I think about the past year with the … Read More

NYT: Haitian Govt Campaign to Close “Orphanages” Full of Non-Orphans

Trying to Close Orphanages Where Many Aren’t Orphans at AllThe Haitian government has started a campaign to try to keep parents from sending their children away simply because they cannot afford to support them. We know at least a few … Read More

Mission Trip Photos Nov. 2012

The best of our photographs from our collective cameras will be available on this online photo album. More may be uploaded later, so keep an eye on it. There is a lot to find, including pics of the team and … Read More


My last morning in Haiti.  The guest house is quiet, not even the cooks are awake yet. I think it was the dogs that woke me up this time, for some reason they start barking between 3 and 4 AM … Read More


Today is Sunday, or Dimanche in Kreyol.  We will attend services at Holy Trinity Cathedral, in the open pavilion next to the crumbled Cathedral.  Lots of singing in French (and certainly a long sermon in Kreyol, I already warned the … Read More

Clinic Day 2

It’s 4:30 AM in Haiti.  I am sitting on the couch in the guest house, listening to the rooster (Haiti taught me that roosters don’t only crow at daybreak) and the crickets, and some distant traffic sounds.  Also one of … Read More

First Day at St Vincent’s

Thanks be to God through all of your prayers, we all arrived safely in Port au Prince, including every last suitcase!  Andrew and Shruti had a delayed flight out of Nashville, so did not land in Miami until 2:00 PM. … Read More