West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

A Message From Kesner Ajax

Dear colleagues, partners, brothers and sisters, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. The holiday season is a time for us to remind one another how grateful we are for life’s many blessings. I am grateful for each … Read More

Randy’s reflections on Nov trip to Haiti

Randy McCloy is a Gastroenterology physician in Memphis Tennessee. He also serves as a deacon at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion. Here is his reflection written shortly after returning from our recent trip. December 2011: Who Are We … Read More

Joan’s experience at Re-Entry

Joan Phelps is  a priest from Connecticut and sent me this email shortly after our return to the U S: I was a bit tired yesterday so wasn’t too aware of anything. Today I saw my dental hygienist who I … Read More

Advent Meditation

St Mary’s Cathedral is sending out daily Advent Meditations, and this came from today’s reading: “There never was a more holy age than ours, and never a less. There is no less holiness at this time – as you are … Read More

Amazing Grace

Amazing grace, how sweet though art, to have an no armed boy of about 4 years old come up to you and want up on your lap during the church service. Up he wiggles and moves like all boys do. … Read More

Re Entry

Yesterday was my first day to wake up in Memphis since our recent trip. I find myself thinking about putting my life back together. That sounds dramatic, but it really does feel like re -entry into another world. Tears come … Read More

Improvements at St. Vincents

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the children are generally much healthier than I have seen them in the past. I have included a copy of an email I sent to Pere Leon Sadoni, priest in charge of St … Read More


Today began with worship service at Holy Trinity Cathedral. The Cathedral building was nearly completely destroyed in the earthquake, so the congregation meets under a tent in the courtyard next door to the old cathedral. There were about 50 people … Read More

Day 5 in Haiti: coloring with the blind

Yesterday we celebrated the Feast of St VIncent, which remembers the International Day of the Handicapped. Started the day with worship service at the school, Randy McCloy and Bob Hooper vested and served at the altar with Bishop Duracin and … Read More


Here I am at 4:30 AM again, writing about Haiti because I am unable to sleep anymore. Must be some of those “stress hormones” in action. The guest house is quiet with sleeping souls, a few snores coming from the … Read More