West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Making Mud Pies

Thanks so much to all the dedicated supporters who prayed for us today. We had smooth travels all the way thru Atlanta, and after brief inspections of our bags in customs we were on our way. It’s like that scene … Read More

CBU nurses last day at St Vincents

Thursday, November 6th As I was ready to walk to get the bus the bottom of sandal just fell off my. Literally, I took a step and the bottom part of the sandal stayed on the floor. It should have … Read More

CBU nurses visit Mirebelais Hospital

Wednesday, November 5th We began our journey to Hospital Universitaire de Mirebalais at 730 AM. This Dr. Paul Framer’s vision of health care for the underserved in the north of Haiti. It is quite the place. The hospital has 3 intake … Read More

CBU nurses Day 4

Tuesday,Nov 4th Again a wonderful day, very busy but very good. We rearranged the intake area and clinic. I was able to get the team Canada group to let us have the old library for the morning. Actually, it was … Read More

CBU nurses Day 3 in Haiti

Monday, November 3rd It was a day, a glorious day. Each time a plan for this journey, I ask myself, is it worth the effort, numerous challenges, students coming and canceling and all the rest. And then, and then, I … Read More

CBU nurses in Haiti Day 2

Sunday, Nov 2nd. Yesterday when Chloe provided our group orientation she said “not to worry, we will always have electricity.” She went on to explain that the local electric company rotates the electric power in zones throughout the city but … Read More

CBU NURSING TEAM arrived safely in Haiti

Evelyn Sue Trzynka Saturday, Nov 1st.  Lots of sleepy but excited faces at Memphis International Airport today. Processing the 9 of us went as processing goes for a group very smoothly. Dr. Nelson came to see us off, wish us … Read More

Notes from D.C. Conference on Future of St. Vincent’s

Last weekend, a group gathered in Washington, D.C. for a conference organized by Margaret McLaughlin of the Friends of St. Vincent’s. Susan, Sienna, and Sherye traveled from Memphis to participate. Pere Sadoni joined as well and gave us an update on … Read More

A New School Year in Haiti–Letter from Pere Ajax

Dear brothers and sisters, I am pleased to announce that the official date for the reopening of schools in Haiti this year has come and students returned to class on Sept. 8 as planned. There is another formal assessment in … Read More

Not-So-Everyday Miracles

A young girl at St. Vincent’s, Christina was born with a birth defect that caused severe clubbing in both of her feet. Cristina has been in a wheelchair her entire life. Yet today, she sits on a bed, gazing at … Read More