West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

CBU Nurses in Haiti – Last Day

We had a nice rain last night; thus, it seems a little cooler this morning. We woke to the smell of “pan francis”  French toast in our US world. Everyone is excited about our beach day. I am hoping to … Read More

CBU Nurses in Haiti – Day 6

Think Frankie Valle and “Oh What a Night”…. Oh What a Day!!! Early November in Haiti. We started off early to find the Art Market and made it too early – it did not open until 9. Oh what a … Read More

CBU Nurses in Haiti – Day 5

What a beautiful morning!! Except that darn crow that was making so much noise one was tempted to look for a good ol’ gun! Boom! right out of that tree, which ever tree it was sitting in. After an extra … Read More

CBU Nurses in Haiti – Day 4

Day 4 – Nov 6th A lovely day… of course we did not have electricity for a couple hours. Verlee reminded all “Dr. Trzynka told us we might not have electricity”. The bus arrived on time and off to another … Read More

CBU Nurses in Hait–Day 3, Nov. 5

Alta dia, alta adventura… Ramelle, a senior leadership student had a wonderful vision in her head for running clinic today. She shared it last night. When we got to St. Vincent’s the vision became a distant memory.  Having anticipated the … Read More

Arrival of the CBU Nurses, Day 1

To the Haiti Partnership and Dr. Nelson, We made it and so did all our luggage and giant tubs of food. There was a little disorganization (more than usual) at the airport and but we finally met up with Pere … Read More

CBU nurses in Haiti

This morning at the Memphis Airport at 5 AM I greeted 15 nurses from Christian Brothers University, off to work at St Vincent’s School  for a week.   I could spot them from the other end of the airport with their … Read More

Getting ready for November trip

Well, its 4 AM and here I am at the computer blogging about Haiti.  Must be getting close to another trip.  This is a time where I start waking up in the middle of the night, excited about going and … Read More

National Haitian American Health Alliance

Below is a summary from the 9th annual conference, held Oct 18-19 in Washington DC.  What struck me was the information about HIV: HIV/AIDS was held as a success story in Haiti. It was announced that the rate in Haiti … Read More

Note on Hurricane Sandy from Bishop Duracin of Haiti

This is to inform my Brothers and Sisters in the house of Bishops that even though the hurricane Sandy did not pass directly on Haiti, many damages have been done because of the heavy rains and winds it has projected … Read More