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unnamedAfter many years of planning and dreaming, we are pleased to announce that the new home for Saint Vincent’s Centre for Handicapped Children is nearly complete! Click here to read more

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MONDAY part 2

After clinic concluded for the day, Sonya got to work preparing the art projects for the week. Following a make-shift lunch, the group transformed the clinic into an art studio. Tables were set up with bags of earring components, bead … Read More


Our first day at St. Vincent’s! It was everything we anticipated. Our chariot, the St. Vincent’s handicapped bus, arrived at 8:30 am to take our team of 16 from the guest house in Eucalyptus Village to the school. Our motley … Read More


Awake early this morning, I run through yesterday’s events in my mind. We have seen about half of the children so far and about 20 adult staff. Yesterday morning as we had Morning Prayer, we prayed the general confession. Asking … Read More

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